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The Be Present™ Consulting Consortium is a venture of Be Present, Inc., a national nonprofit organization with over 30 years of experience in developing sustainable leadership. The Consortium is a diverse group of professional consultants with expertise in strategic leadership and management.


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To support organizations to apply a values-based, aligned approach to organizational performance excellence that results in:

  • Delivery of enhanced value to internal and external stakeholders

  • Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities;

  • Personal and organizational learning.



Be Present uses the nationally renowned Be Present Empowerment Model™ to build the competencies of individuals and organizations. The three interrelated leadership realms are:


  • Know yourself outside the distress of Oppression

  • Listen to Others in a Conscious and Present State

  • Build Effective Relationships and Sustain True Alliances





We support you to strengthen the following Core Competencies:

  • Setting, deploying, and communicating values, directions, and expectations

  • Infusing organizational values into a living code of ethics

  • Creating an environment for empowerment, innovation, agility, and learning

  • Improving both individual leadership effectiveness and organizational leadership systems

  • Measuring results through evaluation and learning

  • Creating and sustaining diverse and engaged community partnerships



  • Organizing and managing work and jobs to promote cooperation, initiative, organizational culture, and flexibility

  • Motivating internal partners to develop and utilize their full potential

  • Building knowledge, skills, and capabilities

  • Benefiting from the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of partners

  • Achieving effective communication and knowledge/skill sharing

  • Achieving effective succession planning

  • Ensuring that education and training programs support achievement of business objectives



  • Developing vision and mission statements

  • Defining organizational values

  • Analyzing internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats

  • Establishing long-term organizational objectives and strategies

  • Creating short-term organizational objectives and action plans

  • Ensuring measurement system achieves organizational alignment



  • Identifying and defining program goals, objectives, outcomes, and necessary resources

  • Developing a sustainability plan – strategies and actions

  • Developing individual and team leadership

  • Building internal and external partnerships

  • Identifying and securing resources

  • Creating continuous learning and improvement environment





Be Present has trained more than 5,000 leaders from hundreds of organizations in the United States and abroad. Well-known and emerging leaders from the social and governmental sectors, including education, health, environment, performing arts, law, philanthropy, among many others, have used the Be Present Empowerment Model™ to work through the issues that divide and to create institutional structures that reflect values of equity, mutual respect and trust, and authentic partnership.   


  • Highly competent trainers

  • A Diverse team with multi-function expertise

  • A Leadership model with a proven track record

  • Results-driven knowledge and experience

  • Focus on best practices and systems thinking

  • Customized training design

  • Training programs available throughout country to enhance skills development and transfer





Contracting with Be Present means that you will work with an expert team, all of whom have extensive consulting experience implementing the Be Present Empowerment Model™ Training within the public and private sectors.


Some of the organizations we have worked with include:


  • ACLU Drug Law Reform Project

  • Bert & Mary Meyer Foundation

  • City of Oakland, Partner Program Collaboration Training Project

  • Common Fire Foundation

  • Community Alliances Initiative

  • Congregation Bet Haverim

  • Eveoke Dance Theatre

  • Family Day Care Support Network

  • Fellowship of Reconciliation

  • Georgia Legal Services Program

  • Harvest Time

  • Hull Family Foundation


  • Marguerite Casey Foundation

  • National Abortion Rights Action League

  • National Network of Grantmakers

  • Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership

  • Pettus-Crowe Foundation

  • Planting Justice

  •  Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

  • Second Chance

  • State of Georgia, Department of Juvenile Justice

  • Southern Partners Fund

  • Threshold Foundation

  • Youth for Environmental Sanity

  • Women’s Donor Network




For more information on the Be Present™ Consulting Consortium
contact Margherita Vacchiano via email or telephone (404) 296-4000.